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I am writing to recommend to you, Angie Brothers. When Alabama Dialysis was a standalone dialysis company, she was the CPA who helped us enormously with our clinics. She was able to help us understand the effect of pay or mix on cash flow to target and maintain cost inventories, as well as controlling staff costs. Angie is easy to work with and is patient understanding and highly competent. She was an intrinsic member of our management team and worked well with the physicians, as well as hospital administrators. After being acquired by Fresenius, we were no longer able to use Angie for our accounting needs.

However based on my previous experience in working with Angie Brothers, I would certainly give her my highest professional recommendation.


-Charlotte Anthony, Birmingham, AL

"I am writing this letter of reference for one of our dedicated volunteers, Angela Brothers. As a non-profit company, our volunteers are vital to the success of our fundraising efforts and overall mission. Angela represents this very well. She always goes above and beyond for the American Heart Association by the giving of her time and resources. One recent example is an event hosted by Birmingham Wholesale Furniture. Angela worked closely with the manager of Birmingham Wholesale Furniture and The American Heart Association received a percentage of total sales that evening, creating a favorable outcome for both parties. As she represents our organization in such a positive light, I feel that she would be an asset to any team."

-Brittney Elliott

"I have known Ms. Brothers for two to three years. During that time, she has functioned as Chief Financial Officer for Alabama Psychiatric. I am a member of the board of Directors and, in that capacity have had the opportunity to observe her work rather closely. Ms. Brothers has displayed remarkable enthusiasm and determination that have made her a valuable member of our organization. She has been willing to take on the most difficult tasks and demonstrates the technical and interpersonal skills that allow her to resolve problems. She has communication skills to inform a demanding board of directors of what she is doing and why and to make the news palatable even when it is not so pleasant. She has been quite successful in negotiating per diem rates with hospital administrators. I would recommend her without reservation for the Samford MBA program."

-Samuel D. Williams, Alabama

"I have known Ms. Brothers for several years. Ms. Brothers was hired as our Chief Financial Officer for Alabama Psychiatric Services, P.C. She was employed from January 1998 until July 2000. Ms. Brothers displayed remarkable enthusiasm and determination that made her a valuable member of our organization. She was willing to take on the most difficult tasks and demonstrated the technical and interpersonal skills that allowed her to resolve problems. Ms. Brothers has the communication skills to inform a demanding board of directors of what she was doing and negotiated per diem rates with hospital administrators. Ms. Brothers was the accountant for several doctors in our practice. Please consider her for the position at hand."

-Claudio Toro, M.D.

"I had the opportunity to work with Angela while employed with Princeton Healthcare Services and Baptist Health Centers. As Chief Operating Officer of those two organizations, I worked closely with Angela. With that experience, I can unquestionably say that Angela is well versed in accounting in general and with the nuances of accounting in the Healthcare arena. Working with hospitals and physicians requires skills and communication abilities that Angela posses' and utilized very well. She is an exceptionally hard worker and goes above and beyond in her efforts to perform her duties. Based on work experience with Angela, I give her my strongest professional recommendation."

-William F. Cockrell

"Angie Brothers/Brothers CPA PC has prepared our Federal and State tax returns, monthly financial statement, payroll tax return, and company projection for my company, First National Loans, on a regular basis for 15 years. We make consumer loans and Real Estate mortgage loans. Angie is easy to work with, very patient, understanding, and keeps up with all the new tax law changes. Angie also formed a new company for me in 1995 called Advanced Loans Inc. Angie did the preliminary tax filling obtaining the tax filing numbers for both Federal and State and processed all the related forms for that company, including a ten year business projection. Angie is our right arm for both First National Loans Inc. and Advanced Loans Inc. We do not know how we could exist for so many years without her experience. She is always eager to answer any questions that we might have. With Angie handling our taxes, we are happy to say that we have never had any problems with the tax auditors."

-Michael A. (Mickey) Lewis, Alabaster, AL

"I am a physician, with personal and business interests in both Alabama and Tennessee. Angie and I first met, while she was the Chief Financial Officer at my company. It was soon evident that she was an extraordinary accountant and administrator. When she chose to pursue her public accounting career, I followed as one of her clients. Others at the company did, as well. I can give no more meaningful testimonial than to state that I continue to depend upon Angie for all of my tax needs, in addition to advice from time to time on retirement and other financial matters. I have had interests in timber, farming, commercial and residential real estate, health care and other matters. She has exhibited expertise in all of these fields, and more. Her knowledge of both personal and corporate accounting is extensive. Angie, thank you for making the fields of Finance and Accounting comprehensible! I can honestly state that, until your arrival, I found them more vexing than medicine. Thank you especially for the prudent advice, these many years."

-Andrew D. Wilkerson, MD, Tennessee

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